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Jun 02

Not All Social Networks Are Created Equally

On Friday IPG Media Lab and 140 Proof published a report about how people manage their social profiles across multiple channels. There were several important findings we as marketers should understand. At a high level, the research finds that a majority of US adults are active on multiple networks, but they use each one with …

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Nov 07

A Muppets’ Case of the Mondays

I am a child of the 80s. I grew up on The Muppet Show and watching The Muppet Christmas Carol is a holiday tradition for me. So I’m thrilled for the new Muppet movie, opening this Thanksgiving. Today Google+ opened up for businesses, but even more exciting for me is the fact that the Muppets …

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Oct 24

A Case of the Mondays – Every Monday I’m Shufflin’

Every Day I'm Snufflin'

I first heard Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO at karaoke, when my friend Woo rocked it with dance moves and all. Since then, this song has been EVERYWHERE… but it still makes me dance in my chair. So, to cure your case of the Mondays today, I offer you several creative versions of this ultimate …

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Oct 17

A Case of the Mondays – Trunk Monkey

I woke up in a fantastic mood today! The sun was shining! My apartment is clean! I was ready to take on the world this week! 🙂 If you weren’t so lucky, however, maybe Trunk Monkey can help you out! I had completely forgotten about this ad campaign until it came up in a discussion …

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Oct 03

A Case of the Mondays – Star Wars

One of my favorite movies is Office Space and it’s full of hilarious and fitting quotes like, “Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!” While I love my job, I think we can all use a bit of humor to help us kick off the week. So I’ll share some of my favorite gems from …

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Jul 17

The Viral Campaign Your Viral Campaign Could Smell Like

This post was first published on the Sterling Communications blog Four Tips To Old Spice Up Your Brand  I know I’m not the only one that has been obsessed with the “Old Spice Guy” videos this week. Everyone, at least within the social media bubble, is buzzing about this creative and hilarious viral campaign. And I’m …

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