Nov 07

A Muppets’ Case of the Mondays

I am a child of the 80s. I grew up on The Muppet Show and watching The Muppet Christmas Carol is a holiday tradition for me. So I’m thrilled for the new Muppet movie, opening this Thanksgiving.

Today Google+ opened up for businesses, but even more exciting for me is the fact that the Muppets will be doing a Google+ Hangout  at 4:30pm PST today!

The Muppets have been taking over social media channels, like Facebook, to promote the new movie. So far, the campaign seems to be generating a lot of buzz. We’ll see how they do when the movie opens. My guess is it will open in the number one spot for the weekend. But I’m probably biased. I love The Muppets!

What do you think of the Google+ Hangout and the Facebook Fan-a-thon campaign? Do you plan to see The Muppets?

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