Apr 01

Home is Wherever I’m with You

*This is NOT an April Fools joke. It is, however, one of my worst kept secrets ever, so I can’t wait any longer to share…*

“Living in the same place as the people you love matters.”

I was sitting on the floor of the DFW airport last December when I read those words in the thought-provoking post The Tail End by Tim Urban. I was waiting for my flight back to NYC after visiting my sister, brother-in-law and nephews in Dallas. Family has become increasingly important to me in my life, and I’ve made spending time with each of them a priority, so it was getting harder to reconcile that I live on the opposite side of the country from all of them. Tim’s post put into perspective how much time we really have left with our parents, siblings and the people we love. For me, it really hit a cord with what I had already been considering. Though it would take a bit of time to really solidify my decision, I think that was the moment I decided to move back to the West Coast.

Since then everything has moved so quickly and fallen into place for me. The way things have all worked out has me further convinced this is the right decision for me and the right time. I’m so excited to share I will be moving back to Seattle the weekend of April 22nd!!!


I can’t wait to be able to cheer on my nephews and niece in football, baseball, dance and all the other wonderful things they are doing that I’m too far away to attend now. I’m looking forward to casual dinners with my family as well as being part of the big holiday events. When you live far away, it’s the magical everyday moments you miss. I want to cherish each and every one of those moments!


In addition to being closer to my family, I am eager to reconnect with dear friends and the vibrant Seattle community. I was so lucky to establish my marketing career in Seattle because there are so many smart people doing phenomenal things. And talk about a welcoming community! Don’t let those nasty rumors of the Seattle Freeze fool you. I look forward to reconnecting with colleagues and friends, as well as meeting new friends!

I am incredibly grateful for the three years I’ve spent on the East Coast. I’ve met some amazing friends, built strong business connections and had some life-changing experiences. I have grown exponentially both professionally and personally. I am returning to Seattle smarter, stronger and more sure of what I want in life.

But I’m a West Coast girl at heart. And I’m coming home!


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