Jun 29

5 Reasons I Like Atlantic City Better Than Las Vegas

Still being pretty new to New York, I’m still adventuring around and getting to know the East Coast. I had the chance to spend a very brief, but welcome, 24 hours in Atlantic City, New Jersey last week thanks to Crowdtap. I wasn’t really sure what to expect of AC. Some of my friends told me it was run down and sketchy, others said it was fun. I was excited to check it out for myself.


My friend Heidi and I took the bus from Manhattan on Monday morning and were on our way to AC, baby! 2 hours later we arrived. The next 24 hours were filled with sunshine, beach time, swimming in the ocean, great food, delicious drinks, amazing sand sculptures and a whole lot of laughter! I like Vegas. It’s fun, especially with a group of friends. But I like Atlantic City more. Here are a few reasons why…


  1. The Size


For some people the fact that Atlantic City is smaller might be a drawback, but I preferred it. Before I went to AC, I thought it would be like Vegas where it’s too far and too hot to walk anywhere. I swear it’s a mile just to walk within a casino from one end to the other! It was easy to walk around Atlantic City. I usually find Las Vegas a bit overwhelming, so I preferred the size of AC.


  1. The Scenery


Between the ocean and the marina, Atlantic City was incredibly beautiful. Personally, I’d rather trade the flash and lights of Vegas for the natural splendor of AC.


  1. The Boardwalk


The Atlantic City Boardwalk is iconic. It’s cool and provides some amazing people watching! Sure, you get people watching in Vegas too, but walking down the strip isn’t the same as the boardwalk. It’s more nostalgic, relaxed and fun. And, to my knowledge, you can’t easily get funnel cake or deep-fried oreos on the Las Vegas strip.


  1. The Ocean


I’m a sucker for the ocean. The smell of the salt water. The sound of the crashing waves. The feel of the sand in my toes. Being in desert, there is no ocean in sight in Vegas. Being near the ocean is my happy place, so our trip to Atlantic City was relaxing as well as fun.


  1. The Vibe


I’m the type of girl who prefers dive bars over swanky clubs. To me Vegas has always felt too pretentious. The high-end clubs just aren’t my scene. I felt right at home in Atlantic City. It was far more chill and laid back.

After a weekend in Vegas, I need another weekend to recoup. After 24 hours in Atlantic City, I felt refreshed and relaxed! It was a perfect getaway. In fact, I’m already planning another trip with some more girlfriends. We’ll be back, AC!



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