Jul 10

Keep Your iPhone, I’ll Stick With My HTC One


My HTC One M8


I’ve tried pretty much every cell phone operating system. My first smartphone was a Blackberry. Then I got an iPhone. After that I tried out Windows Phone. Finally I moved to Android. I really didn’t expect to like Android, let alone love it. All my friends had iPhones, so I figured I’d stick with that. But then HTC became my client and I learned so much more about different operating systems and the cell phone market.

For two years I had the chance to try out many new devices. I still kept my iPhone in case I wanted to switch back or there was something I was missing out on. But once the HTC One (M7) came out, I sold my iPhone and I honestly don’t miss it. Then HTC gave me the One M8 to try out and I’m even more impressed.

HTC is no longer my client, so I’m no longer responsible for their successes (or failures) in marketing. But I genuinely want them to succeed. They make great devices. I love showing off my phone to friends and family. One of my friends commented the other day that I’m the only person she knows who really loves her phone. And I do. Let me tell you a few reasons why.






The speakers on this phone are unreal. It has dual speakers in the front that make it louder than any other device I’ve seen. I have a Jambox by Jawbone, but most of the time I just use the HTC One’s speakers. I use it every morning when I’m getting ready. It’s also super handy when I have a picnic in the park or at the beach with friends. I often become the group DJ, a role I love to play!

The Look

It’s a beautiful phone. It’s an all-metal frame, so it feels far more solid than some plastic competitors. Because it’s a solid frame, I can even go without a case. I have the gold color and it’s really pretty so I want to show it off.

Some might find the size to be too big, but I like it. It still fits in my pocket and it feels good in my hands. And I love the larger screen. The colors are so vivid and beautiful, I enjoy showing off my screen to others.


My very favorite thing about the HTC One M8 is the camera. It really is incredible. Most of the time my friends ask me to take the picture because it will turn out better than their phone’s camera. From the wide-angle front facing camera that captures better group selfies to the night mode that captures in low light, the HTC One M8 outperforms most other camera phones. In fact, I’ve completely stopped using my point-and-shoot camera because my phone is better.

The duo camera effects are really cool as well. I’ve enjoyed playing around with ufocus and turning simple photos into more professional looking images. I think one of the coolest features of the HTC One is the automatic video highlights feature that turns my photos into a 30 second video. I loved it on the M7 and they improved it on the M8. Far too often I would take a ton of pictures, but only share a few on my social channels. With the video highlights I can share many of my photos from an event at once and share more of the whole experience. I only wish I could make longer videos because sometimes 30 seconds just isn’t long enough.

These days I feel like the basic features of phones are pretty much on the same level. And now most apps are available for both iOS and Android. So for me, the phone has to have something extra to stand out. The sound, the design and the camera make the HTC One M8 stand out.


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