Apr 05

Be Visible, Be Smart! 5 Things to Do Before Your First Job in PR

Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the Puget Sound PRSA Jumpstart event along with Mallory Thompson, Hill & Knowlton. I was excited to impart some of the knowledge I have learned over the last few years as I’ve made my career switch to public relations.

Often your classroom experience doesn’t prepare you for the day-to-day realities of your first job. Since Mallory and I are still early in our careers, we can remember what we thought before we began and offer real world experience to the future PR pros.

We wanted to keep our information manageable and memorable, so we identified five things new professionals should know or do before they begin a career in PR.

Our “5 Things to Do Before Your First Job in PR” were simple:
  1. Know PR 
  2. Manage Your Digital Life
  3. Write
  4. Read
  5. Get Out There and Meet People

When we looked at the overall theme we decided, “Be Visible, Be Smart” captured much of what we wanted to say. Our biggest suggestion to aspiring PR pros is to get involved in the industry. Meet people at networking events. Read blogs by established professionals. Write as much as possible to improve your skills and gain exposure.

I certainly don’t claim to know everything about the PR industry, but I have learned a thing or two in my time. I hope that what Mallory and I shared will help those new to the industry excel in their first PR job!

Here’s our presentation: Be visible, be smart!
What tips would you share with a professional just starting in public relations?

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