Nov 11

End of an Era and the Next Adventure

After more than 3 years, last Friday was my last day working at IPG Mediabrands. I planned to post this last week, but technology had a “hate on Karianne” day and my computer died. Which made for a more stressful last day than I would’ve liked, but it will make for a funny story some day. Anyway… it’s been an amazing ride, but all good things come to an end.


I’ve been reflecting on my time with Mediabrands, Spring Creek Group and Mediabrands Publishing a lot the last couple of weeks. I’ve learned and grown so much over the last 3+ years. I’ve worked with wonderful clients and incredible coworkers! I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had and I will cherish the memories.

There’ve been so many crazy, fun adventures during my 3 years with Mediabrands…

  • Getting acquired by IPG Mediabrands on my 4th day of work at Spring Creek Group
  • Volunteering to pull blackberry bushes with the Spring Creek team on Vashon Island to finish up my first week
  • The craziness of SXSW with Kevin Urie, Ron Schott and JR Pelkola
  • Live tweeting from TED at SXSW hosted by HTC
  • Many, many, many phone launches for HTC
  • Producing the Wells Fargo ‘Built in the Bay’ campaign for the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary with Seth Yates
  • Sorting through hundreds of photos of Fashion Week NY and Paris for HTC
  • Spending a day running around Seattle doing an HTC photo shoot with Adam Hawes, Dan Lazarides, Nicole Shema and Carissa Garrard
  • All of the craziness that went along with the Rihanna 777 tour, including a world wind trip to NYC for the final concert with Nicole Shema
  • Debating with my colleagues like Kevin Urie, Ryan Hodgson, Avenicio Baca, Kevin O’Reilly and Jonathan Vu
  • Moving to NYC
  • Being part of the beginning of Mediabrands Publishing
  • Cold days grabbing lunch at the Soup Spot
  • Karaoke outings with the MBP team
  • Singing karaoke with Jacki Kelley!
  • Trips to Detroit and getting things rolling with our community management team

Pitches. SOWs. Audits. Happy hours. Candy. Bagels. So many more wonderful memories! I will keep them all with me and remember them fondly.

But the end of this era in my life means the beginning of a new chapter.


Today I started my next adventure as the Social Media Manager at Priceline.com. I’m thrilled to bring my love for social media marketing together with my passion for travel and technology. I feel like the job description was written just for me!

Travel is part of my DNA. My mom and grandmother were both travel agents. Now I’ll be the third generation of travel professionals, carrying on the tradition. In a bit of foreshadowing, check out a commercial I made while pretending to be my mom when I was a little kid.

In my family we were taught the value of travel and how it can broaden your view of the world. I was lucky to be able to travel quite a bit when I was growing up, including traveling around Europe at the age of 10. Those values instilled in me at a young age have blossomed in to full-blown wanderlust and my obsession with planning my next vacation. Just check my Pinterest.

Travel is a wonderful hobby, but it can be quite expensive. I love the mission of Priceline.com, helping those who’ve been bit by the travel bug to do more for less cash. I’m excited to help tell that story on social media and beyond.

I’ve loved having a variety of clients in my agency career, and I know I’ll often draw on those experiences with Priceline.com. But I’m really excited to roll up my sleeves, dig in and own one brand on social media. This is going to be a fun, thrilling and challenging adventure!

The Negotiators - Shatner and Stinson

The Negotiators – Shatner and Stinson

Oh, and I haven’t met Shatner. Yet… J


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  1. Jeff Shuey

    Congratulations. You are going to love it at Priceline. Especially if they get the same kind of benefits I’ve heard about. See you on the road.

    1. Karianne Stinson

      Thanks, Jeff! I’m thrilled to be here! The travel benefits are just icing on the cake!

  2. Anne Nelson

    Congratulations, Karianne! Sounds like you’re all set for your next new adventure. You’re living the dream, girl! LOVE the commercial – you were cute then, also.

    I’ll be in touch when it’s time to travel and hopefully you can help me out 😉

    On a totally unrelated note, I love Shatner’s stint on HGTV – they have the most beautiful Dobermans! Don’t forget to post if you really do meet him.

    Carry on! It’s going to be a wild ride…

    1. Karianne Stinson

      Thanks, Anne! It’s fun to see my life come full circle and work in travel just like my mom! Yes, please do reach out when you plan your next trip! And I’ll definitely post if I get the opportunity to meet Shatner!

  3. Michelle

    Karianne – This is really exciting news. Congrats on your new transition – Priceline sounds like a LOT of fun! Get it!

    1. Karianne Stinson

      Thanks, lady! It’s going to be a great adventure! I’m looking forward to hearing more of your adventures, too!

  4. Jill Littlejohn

    Will the real Jill Stinson please stand up?
    Wonderful article, Kari. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    1. Karianne Stinson

      Haha! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? 🙂 Remember that computer?!? With floppy disks. And that printer?! Thank you for passing on your love of travel!

  5. Gene Newton

    Hi Karianne,
    Ran across this while searching for your mom. Trying to get a copy of “the Fantastics” on video if she has it. My but you have grown! I was just looking at pictures of you as a babe a few days ago. Would love to hear from you. Sounds like you have found your calling!

    1. Karianne Stinson

      Hi, Gene! Wow, it’s been a long time! Apologies for the delay, I just now saw your comment. I’ll pass along your info to my mom. I hope you’re well! -Karianne

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